The Bucket List Family

The Bucket List Family

Meet the Gee family; they basically live the life most of us only dare to dream of. They were brave enough to sell all of their belongings to be able to travel all around the globe. But this was not without reason or planning..


The decision

Father of three, Garrett, is an app designer with huge success. Snapchat paid him a fortune for his mobile scanning app which left the family with millions on their bank account. Him and his wife, Jessica, decided to store the money on their savings account and sell everything in a yard sale to see the world.

Travel destinations

The family has travelled already to some amazing parts of the world together. They started their world trip off in Tahiti with their first “final destination” Australia through island hopping. The family trip didn’t end there, as they have been travelling up to 100 weeks, covering these places (and many more):

Oceania (Australia, Fiji, New Zealand)
Southeast Asia (Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand)
Caribbean (Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands, Anguilla, Kitts and Nevis) 
Asia (Japan, Korea, Nepal)
Europe (Italy, Greece, UK, The Netherlands)





    Their goals

    They are not only using their money to enjoy life themselves by travelling, they are helping others in need to enjoy it too! They have their mind set on 3 things: adventure, culture and service. They have helped several families in different ways such as paying for LASIK surgery and planning a surprise Disney trip. They are planning to continue supporting others in need for the rest of their lives.

    The kids

    They have 3 adorable kids; Dorothy, Nilla and their newborn baby Calihan. The young kids have learned many things already by visiting all these different places. In their extraordinary childhood they have the opportunity to learn new cultures, make new friends, try out foods and get to know animals in real life.



    The future plan

    After full time travelling for 100 weeks and a newborn, it’s time for a short break. In their latest vlog they mention to have their eye on a bungalow to call home (mystery is where), but they definitely plan to continue travelling once the baby is ready.


    Where to find the Gee's

    You can follow their adventures on their Instagram, blog and YouTube where they frequently upload videos about their trips. With an Instagram page that makes you want to start your own yard sale, their life experiences and good deeds, we’re safe to say they are definitely one of the most awesome families out there.