TRONO ambassadors: Dutchies Abroad

TRONO ambassadors: Dutchies Abroad

Your perfect chair, everywhere.. that’s the essence of TRONO. We love going outside to enjoy everything nature has to offer.

Our worldwide community of adventurers, travellers, photographers, snow fanatics, hikers, beach lovers, outdoor activists, dog walkers, digital nomads and photographers is exploring the world in comfort with us. They take their TRONO anywhere, and they come from everywhere over the world: from Hawaii to Finland to California to Austria! Get inspired by their stories and enjoy their best travel moments. This month: Juul & Britte from The Netherlands.

Names: Juul & Britte
Live in: Hilversum, The Netherlands
Instagram: @dutchies.abroad


What is your favorite destination and why?
That’s a hard question! We loved our trip to Scandinavia, especially Norway, in the summer of 2016. But we've recently been to Slovenia and that's a special country to us as well. Juul worked here for years during the summer as an outdoor guide, which already made this place special to him. In 2015, Britte visited Juul at the end of his working season, which was our first summer holiday together as well. Britte climbed her first mountain there and ever since she's hooked on hiking, camping, and her backpack.

What is your best travel memory?
We climbed the highest mountain on the Lofoten (in Northern Norway) during the summer. We pitched our tent on the most beautiful spot with water and mountains all around us. The climb itself wasn't that difficult or spectacular, but the complete absence of sound, the breathtaking views and the feeling of being alone on the mountain, made this a memorable moment.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve experienced on your travels/adventures?
Ha, weird as it may sound: we haven’t really experienced any crazy stuff during our travels! Of course, (almost) everybody has the experience of strange hostels, people who try to scam you and sometimes a trip doesn't go as planned. But that’s just part of the job and we just change our plans and try to make the best of it :)

What is your favorite picture on your feed and what’s the story behind it?
We took this photo on the day we climbed Hermannsdalstinden (the highest peak on the Lofoten). The way back down was more demanding in the heat, and we were happy to find a suitable camping spot for the evening. During the day we ran out of water, so we were exhausted, and our faces were sunburned. When we pitched our tent and Juul started to prepare dinner, we looked around and realized what a fantastic spot we chose to spend the night.
Where does your for your feed inspiration come from?
We're pretty selfish ;-) We post pictures of places that excited or amazed us during our travels. We want our Instagram feed to represent how we like to travel and inspire people to go and experience nature by themselves.

Which country has the best food?
This has to be Thailand! The food is so tasty and fresh, even if you buy it on the street. We also did a cooking course here!

If you had to emigrate to another country for a year, where would it be?
Canada! We've never been here (yet), but we are drawn to the awesome nature in this country. It would be great to live in a wooden cabin surrounded by the numerous mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers.

If you could go back in time and visit any city or country in another time period, when and where would you go?
We would love to see the unspoiled Thailand of the eighties. When there were fewer tourists and the country was more authentic.

Where or when do you use your TRONO the most?
Whenever we're going on a trip, we take our TRONO's with us. They are always in the back of our car, ready to be inflated wherever we are! The only exception is when we're traveling with just our backpacks, and we need to bring as little as possible.

What is the best travel advice you want to give?

Think about where you really want to go, what you really want to do and what you want to see, and just try to make it happen. Be creative to reach your goals and don't stick to the regular options, routes and areas. "Just get out there"


Check out their website: Dutchies Abroad