Travel guide across the globe: Indonesia

Travel guide across the globe: Indonesia

Who wouldn’t want to visit the most beautiful collection of islands, better known as Indonesia? Its tropical weather, breathtaking views and delicious dishes makes Indonesia the perfect getaway to relax and disconnect from your daily life.

When to visit

To make sure you get the best of Indonesia, visit the islands between the months May and September to catch the most sun rays and least raindrops. Who wants to enjoy the sun outside of these months can go to Bali and Kalimantan, as these are least affected by the seasons.


To get around the islands, planes are fast and easy, but those who appreciate a sea view can choose to take the ferry. Inland, there are several bus services and taxis you can take to transport yourself from one beautiful place to another.

Must do’s and see’s

Active outings

- Volcanos
Climb up one of the many volcanoes to enjoy its magnificent views. It’s advised to join a supervised hike during the night and get the sunrise view early in the morning. The best ones to go up can be found on Bali, Java and Sumatra.

- Canyoning
The adventurous among us can visit Kerenkali, that offers 3 levels of canyoning containing dipping in the canyon, abseiling waterfalls and natural rock sliding. There are more options for canyoning across Indonesia, depending on where you are. 

Traditional inspiration

- Theatre shows
Add some culture to your trip and be amazed by the impressive history of Indonesia by attending traditional dances or shows such as Legong and Wayang. Either people or special puppets demonstrate these dance dramas and historical stories.

- Temples
The country is also full of ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples made out of stone. These are still used as a holy place of worship by locals. When visiting, buy a traditional sarong to wear to pay your respect to the residents and to bring home as a nice souvenir.

- Rice fields
As rice has its important share in the Indonesian economy and nutrition, you should definitely try to visit one of these impressive green rice terraces.


The Indonesian inhabitants are known for their delightful cooking which can be enjoyed widespread across the country.
Make sure to find their most famous ones such as rendang (spicy meat dish), sate (impaled grilled meat), soto soup and tempeh (soy food).

Family trip to Indonesia

Don’t be afraid to plan a family holiday to Indonesia as it offers many benefits when travelling with kids.
Beach hopping is very popular among the younger ones, just as enjoying a swim to see the dazzling underwater world by snorkeling. You can also take them to Camp Leakey to visit the local Orangutans as they offer easy and safe hikes and boat trips through the area.

Did you know?

Even Indonesia doesn’t know exactly how many islands it has, but the current estimate is around 13,466 official islands

The country has around 700 languages spoken across the country, where Bahasa Indonesian is mostly understood everywhere

The biggest flower across the world called Rafflesia Arnoldi was found in Indonesia

Indonesia has over 300,000 animal species of which 515 are mammals and 135 are endangered