TRONO Ambassadors: Sebastien & Marloes

TRONO Ambassadors: Sebastien & Marloes

Your perfect chair, everywhere.. that’s the essence of TRONO. We love going outside to enjoy everything nature has to offer. Our worldwide community of adventurers, travellers, photographers, snow fanatics, hikers, beach lovers, outdoor activists, dog walkers, digital nomads and photographers is exploring the world in comfort with us. They take their TRONO anywhere, and they come from everywhere over the world: from Hawaii to Finland to California to Austria! Get inspired by their stories and enjoy their best travel moments. This month: Sebastian & Marloes from the Netherlands!
Name: Sebastien & Marloes
Occupation: fulltime models
Live in: The Netherlands
Instagram: @seb_batical

What is your favorite destination and why?

That’s an easy one 😁 Cape Town, no doubt about that... Why? It just has it all. Yes it definitely has another bad/unsafe side as well but if you know how to be street smart it is truly paradise. Best quality food & wine, beautiful nature and wildlife, affordable for us Dutchies, great wind for kitesurfing and a very sporty chilled surf vibe.

What is your best travel memory?

That would be when Marloes came to visit me during my first trip To Cape Town. We had met 3 months before I left for SA and she visited me there during Christmas break. I taught her kitesurfing there, we did tons of wine tastings, and travelled the garden route together. One of those holidays that you don't plan and that just turns out into a big adventure.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve experienced on your travels/adventures?

Haha well, when you travel for a while you will experience many weird things so that’s a hard one. A really funny experience just happened recently when we thought we joined a free salsa lesson on the beach in Port Douglas.. we just hopped in for 3 minutes during the freestyle session (so we thought), and when we left we found out that it was actually a little competition. We had left already, but heard via the speakers that they were looking for the winners, a guy with a blue backpack and a girl with a white t-shirt.. and that was us!! We couldn't believe it! We won the first price, which was a free snorkel tour to the great barrier reef for two persons. The weirdest thing was definitely on Nusa Penida, also known as “the magical island” of Bali. We had become quite good friends with a local who invited us to a funeral ceremonie that happens once every 5 years. When we arrived there we realized it was quit exceptional as a tourist to be present at this ceremony, and we soon got invited into the house of one of the locals. They were incredibly friendly, and told us about the traditions during the ceremonie and about their death grandfather who would be honored during the ceremony as well. Before we knew it, we were looking at macabre photographs of the family digging up the grave of their death grandfather who’s bones where going to be send to the gods. Just the whole situation of that family proudly showing pictures over coffee of them digging up and preparing a 5 year old death body was definitely one of the weirdest situations we experienced.

What is your favorite picture on your feed and what’s the story behind it?

Oehhh hard one, we have many pics that bring back some good memories. But if we had to chose.. it would be our very first picture in which Marloes is sitting on my back while I am kitesurfing. That picture symbolizes the awesome road trip we did over the garden route in South Africa. And most of all, how incredibly lucky we were to do the garden route during the most busy time of the year without booking a single thing. Just good vibes and a lot of luck.

Where does your for your feed inspiration come from?

That’s a good question for Marloes, she is the one posting most of it on our feed. But the main thing actually is just keeping our friends and family updated of our adventures. A picture says a lot more then trying to tell the story months later. You can't sum it all up, it just doesn't reflect the right feeling and by the time you get home you've forgotten half of it. Thereby, photo and videography is a big passion of mine, I take tons of pictures during our travels so we have more than enough footage to chose from.

Which country has the best food?

South Africa, no doubt 😎🤘 If you had to emigrate to another country for a year, where would it be? Sorry if it’s getting boring.... but South Africa 😆

If you could go back in time and visit any city or country in another time period, when and where would you go?

That's a very good question because some places are changing so fast lately because of the tourist growth. Destinations are losing their authenticity and with that their charm. I think we would have loved to experience Bali 20 years ago. It's so hard to find the real Bali now, in between the hotels, restaurants and expats taking over the island.

Where or when do you use your TRONO the most?

In New Zealand during the road trip in our campervan. They came at hand in so many situations; on a little break during a hike, at the beach, while chilling around a campfire or while having dinner outside our campervan. We even used it at the airport when all the seats were taken;) That was pretty funny.

What is the best travel advice you want to give?

Try to avoid seeing everything, and take time to really experience the place you are visiting and really 'be there'. Pick your activities wisely, and stick to your own travel style. People you meet along the way will give you all kinds of advice and 'must see's' and 'must do's', but they are not you. Sometimes just wandering around a place and doing nothing can give you a much more fulfilling experience then checking off another highlight.