TRONO joins the North Cape Challenge with Canon

TRONO joins the North Cape Challenge with Canon

The seventh edition of the ‘North Cape Challenge’ kicked-off on December 2017 and TRONO was able to join in on the adventure.



You might be wondering, what is this North Cape challenge?



The North cape Challenge (Noordkaap Challenge) is an 2 week-journey in which 2 teams race against each other to the North most part of Europe. The trip is a magnificent journey in which participants travel to the Arctic circle. Temperatures reached a staggering -35 degrees Celcius (-4 Fahrenheit) during the 2013 edition.


This is not just any race. What makes the North cape Challenge unique is that the goal for both teams during this trip is to raise as many funds as possible. 25% of the total funds will be donated to the Red Cross, and the rest to various other charities.



The goal is to raise a minimum of 2000 euros per team. Since the start of the very first Noordkaap Challenge in 2004, millions of euros have been raised and donated to local projects.


The Canon Camera crew had to withstand the extreme cold to create these stunning pictures, check out the video!:

If you would like to participate with the next North cape Challenge in the winter of 2018 or for more information, visit